We are offering a take home whitening special.  You will receive custom whitening trays (upper and lower) in addition to the REV! 15 minute per day Whitening Kit for the special price of $149.00.  Our normal price is $225.00.

Only 15 minutes, once a day.  REV! delivers the shortest wear time.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration
Tooth color varies from person to person and can darken with age.  Minerals, tobacco, antibiotics, foods, and beverages stain and discolor  teeth. 

The Professional Take-Home Tooth Whitening Process
Most patients are able to use our convenient take-home whitening system.  You apply whitening gel
to your teeth in a custom-made, soft, comfortable plastic tray.  The gentle oxygenating action of
peroxide gel and finishing rinse of REV! safely removes stains from your teeth.  A 15-minute, once-a-day treatment with REV! allows you to choose the most convenient time to wear your tray. 

Length of Treatment
Within a few days of starting your program, you should notice whiter teeth.  Normal treatment takes about two weeks, while difficult stains may take longer. Length of treatment is affected by stain type, stain depth, and tooth structure.

TV and Drug Store Tooth Whiteners
Successful tooth whitening is achieved through a program that combines a properly fitting tray, the proven Perfecta whitening gel, and professional guidance.  Many retail tooth whiteners use ineffective "one-size-fits-all" bleaching trays or strips.  Others only cover a few teeth or require frequent touch-ups. These products to not achieve the same proven lasting results as professional treatment.

Use REV! Refresher to Keep Your Whiter Smile
Your unique combination of habits, foods, and tooth stucture will influence long-term results.  Non-smokers who drink no coffee, tea, or dark sodas will have longer lasting results.  Some patients need a slight "touch-up" treatment of one or two days every six to twelve months.

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