Cerec--Crowns Done in One Visit               

We are able to custom make your new restoration in one visit (in most cases).  That means not going home with a temporary crown and coming back for a second visit to cement the crown.   Your crown is made in the office while you wait and see it being made!  We use the latest Cerec technology to custom make your crown.

Intra-Oral Camera--See Your Mouth in a Whole New Way

Our intra-oral camera allows the dentist to get an up-close and personal look into your oral cavity, thus allowing detection of any dental issues. We use an intraoral camera that fits inside the mouth to capture photographs and it allows the doctor and patient to see a larger image of the patient's teeth, which helps with diagnosis. It also allows the patient to tell us what they like or dislike. The intra-oral camera is connected to a monitor that projects images of various parts of your oral cavity. This way, both you and the dentist can get useful insights into the state of your mouth, including your gums and teeth.

Cone Beam/3D X-Ray

Sometimes, conventional dental x-rays aren’t sufficient. When our dentist requires additional information, we know we can always rely on our Dental Cone Beam CBCT, which offers unparalleled clarity when it comes to 3D dental x-rays. More data means higher accuracy, which translates into significantly higher rates of successful treatment.

Digital X-Ray--Safer -Xrays

Do conventional x-rays make you nervous? Are you scared of what the exposure to radiation could mean for your body? While traditional x-rays expose patients to minimal amounts of radiation, a lot of patients are still nervous about conventional radiography. We have invested in digital radiography to make the imaging process less nerve-wracking for you, and more efficient as well. Using such a system means up to 90% less radiation exposure to the patient, and no usage of chemicals to develop the film, which would have gone back into the environment. Digital X-rays provide more information, detect disease earlier, and aids us in diagnosis and patient education.

Digital Scanner

Our in-house digital scanner makes it easier for our dentist to obtain and share critical information regarding your oral well-being with relevant stakeholders. Whether you’d like a custom oral appliance or want to get started on orthodontic treatment, our digital scanner facilitates the crucial first step of obtaining accurate information regarding the patient.

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